Rustic Restaurant Element.
Rustic Restaurant Element.
Rustic Restaurant Element.

Ignite Kitchen Curiosity

Our Manifesto

The Young Cooks Society believes cooking should be accessible to all youth as a life skill that brings people together. Food has the power to make positive change.


Our 2023-2024

fundraising Goals

Your support funds educational experiences and enrichment activities to spark middle schoolers' interest in the culinary arts

Goal 1: Provide 28 weeks of culinary education and essential life skills to middle school students through an after school program. Foster lifelong community among students.

Your generosity helps provide cooking course supplies, teaching kitchens, fresh ingredients, and education for aspiring young cooks.

Goal 2: Build an educational urban garden at partner school sites, allowing students to connect classroom lessons to real world gardening experiences.


Goal 3: Give students who complete the program the opportunity to collaboratively plan and execute a special culmination dinner event to showcase their achievements.







About US



At the Young Cooks Society, we see the tremendous potential in every student who walks through our doors eager to don an apron. Our after-school cooking and gardening program unlocks that potential by empowering middle school youth to find their voices and talents in the kitchen.

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Over 28 hands-on lessons, our students' confidence blossoms as they gain practical culinary skills, food safety knowledge, and the creativity to plate their own unique dishes. Our garden-to-table curriculum connects nature's bounty to the stove to the table.

But we provide so much more than technical skills. Our small class sizes and mentoring ensure students feel heard, validated, and supported as their passion for food ignites. We nurture the whole child - their minds, hearts, and taste buds.

Supporting the Young Cooks Society means investing in the chefs, innovators, and changemakers of tomorrow. Our program is their first step towards pursuing education or careers in the culinary arts and food world.

When you donate to the Young Cooks Society, you help young teens on the cusp of high school gain expertise and a community tied together by food. Please join us to witness these students thrive.



Goal Overview




Enabling more students to participate



Enrich Programming

Adding enrichment like field trips, guest chefs



Build Transferable Skills

Supporting social-emotional skill building





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Rustic Restaurant Element.
Rustic Restaurant Element.
Rustic Restaurant Element.

1ST Kitchen Fundamentals

  • Learn about kitchen safety and proper sanitation
  • Practice correct knife handling techniques
  • Make a simple salad practicing knife cuts


2ND Cooking Methods

  • Identify different cooking techniques like sautéing, baking, grilling
  • Use appropriate techniques to prepare recipes
  • Make veggie skewers experimenting with grilling vs. baking


3rd Food Theory

  • Conduct food science experiments like leavening reactions
  • Observe how different ingredients interact during cooking
  • Make ice cream examining states of matter and emulsification


4th Global Flavors

  • Explore the cuisine of a specific culture or region
  • Learn about key ingredients and traditional dishes
  • Make an authentic recipe to taste and discuss


5th Farm to Table

  • Visit local farms and markets to learn about seasonal produce
  • Incorporate local, seasonal ingredients into recipes
  • Make vegetable soup with peak produce like squash and greens


6th Culinary Creativity

  • Practice creative plating techniques and garnishing
  • Write a blog post about a family recipe or food memory
  • Make unique sandwiches and design visually appealing platings


Contact Us

Email us if you're interested in getting involved as a donor, community partner, or member!

Your contribution allows us to create an engaging cooking program where students gain skills, confidence, and community. Reach out if you're interested in partnering or becoming a member!


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